What are the chances?

In September 1973 a new class of seventh graders entered my classroom.  Included in this class was a little girl who seemed a little different, in a good way.  This girl always did her homework without the typical moaning and groaning of seventh graders.  She was so motivated that she even asked for extra work to do.  All the work she did was always done well.  As a teacher we always wonder what kind of future a good student like Cindy Smith will have.
Flash forward to the first part of this year.  I started coming to Noyes Memorial Hospital with a friend for treatment at the Infusion Center.  Here after a few weeks, I met Cindy again.  I have learned that Cindy made her career here helping people.  As I have watched Cindy work, I see a lot of that little seventh grader.  She still goes about her work with great passion and attention to detail.  I'm sure these traits have benefited her patients in many ways for many years.
Well done Cindy.
James Kane
Retired Teacher
Belmont Central