From one of those who loves you...

Shortly after I started my first round of chemo, and before my second treatment, all of my hair fell out and I was completely bald.  Thinking about how I could "get even" with Cindy for such a dastardly deed, and idea struck me that might work if the timing was right.  I set about "getting even".
The morning of my second treatment I rode the Noyes elevator to the 3rd floor with "my goods". Now you have to remember in those days the Infusion Unit was just one of the patient rooms full of chairs and a desk.  As I approached the door I reached into my bag and pulled out two pom-pom like tufts of hair courtesy of my faithful golden retriever.  With one end rolled and taped, I stuck each of them in my ears and removed my cap.  So here's this guy with no hair on his head and big "puffs" of golden retriever hair sticking out of his ears.
As I inched toward the door, I could see Cindy sitting at her desk with her back toward me.  The timing was perfect.  I stepped into the doorway and said, "Cindy, I don't know what's going on, but I've developed some really strange side-effects to this chemo treatment." I'm not sure whether the shock of seeing this, or the complete idiocy of the sight overtook her and she immediately started laughing, but the best part was that she laughed so hard and for so long I thought she was going to wet her pants.
In commemoration of all her "good deeds" for all of her cancer patients, I wish to give her a lasting memento from one grateful "victim".