Facebook post about the Emergency Department

Lynne Thompson Button posted on her Facebook page about the Emergency Department:  I know often times Facebook is a dumping grounds for people that don't have anything nice to say and I have seen our small town hospital bashed countless time. I know that it's mainly the bad experiences people post about and honestly, I get sick of hearing it, so I thought I'd mix things up a bit.

When we walk in here, we're treated like family (never had that experience anywhere else). They've gotten to know my husband, his story and struggles, and have been willing to do whatever it takes to ease his pain and suffering. One nurse tonight remembered exactly what combination of meds quickly provided Kyle with pain relief from weeks ago when he last saw Kyle and most importantly had him comfortable in a matter of minutes. We have the utmost respect and gratitude for the nurses and doctors that have so much compassion and dedication to their patients and profession. Words couldn't begin to thank you enough for what you do every day for the people in this community.