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What Can Weight Watchers do fo You

"I have attended WW on and off since 1980ish. I have been the most successful attending the at work program at Noyes Health. The group is smaller and more personal. Hope Decker makes herself available for any issue or one on one need I have. She does a great job leading the group. The members are all supportive. I hope to continue with this same leader and group in January. Join us in the new year!"

Here is some additional information about the WW group meetings at Noyes.  We would love to see you, and love to hear your success stories.

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Tremendous praise to Noyes staff on their Diabetes education class

I would like to give tremendous praises to Noyes diabetes staff on their Diabetes education class. I was recently diagnosed with Diabetes and my doctor suggested I meet with the staff.  The meeting alone was very educational and the staff was great in helping me learn to cope with this life-long disease.  The staff suggested I attend the seminar (diabetes class) in October. I was reluctant to go, thinking “I can do this myself”.  Well after 2 weeks of struggling with food choices and life-style changes I decided to go and stay for both sessions.
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Thank You Noyes Memorial Hospital’s Diabetic Education Center

I would like to thank Noyes Memorial Hospital’s Diabetic Education Center and especially Nancy Johnsen.
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Thank you for your amazing Diabetes classes.

This class was excellent and well worth the time.  The info and presentation of it were vitally important and great. Although I have had diabetes since 1991, (Staff) re-educated me to a lot of things I was not aware of.  I learned more in two of these classes than I've learned in 20 years.
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Steve Meyer was mowing his lawn at his home in Gainesville on July 4th, 2012 when the riding mower slid into a stream.   “I heard something that sounded like branches getting chopped by the mower.  I didn’t realize it was actually the lower part of my leg.  I pulled myself out of the stream and up onto the bank. I didn’t feel any pain, but I knew it was bad,” Steve said.

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