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Thank You from a E.A.R.S. Lifeline Subscriber's daughter

Both Ashley and Tara were kind, courteous, compassionate, efficient, understanding, extremely helpful. Overall...delightful in every way!

Sarah Driscoll - Daughter of Relly C.

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Cindy Peterson is the most compassionate and caring nurse I have ever come in contact with.  She was very helpful with all the questions I had about everything.  We work well together with my sarcastic way and her witty one, we got through a very long 6 months.
Cindy became a very comforting face for me and my family and we would like to thank her for everything.  
Bless you Cindy.
Ronnie Weidman Jr. and Family
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Thank You

I have been an outpatient at the Infusion Center at Wilmont Cancer Center Oncology at Dansville, Noyes Memorial Hospital since January 2016. I have had the privlidge of having Cindy Peterson as my Infusion nurse on many occasions.
Cindy is friendly, energetic, and above all always professional.
She has a smile and a kind and encouraging word during and after treatment.
The hospital is fortunate to have Cindy on staff.  She demonstrated all the fine and caring qualities of nursing.
Tonia G. Witter
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From one of those who loves you...

Shortly after I started my first round of chemo, and before my second treatment, all of my hair fell out and I was completely bald.  Thinking about how I could "get even" with Cindy for such a dastardly deed, and idea struck me that might work if the timing was right.  I set about "getting even".
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What are the chances?

In September 1973 a new class of seventh graders entered my classroom.  Included in this class was a little girl who seemed a little different, in a good way.  This girl always did her homework without the typical moaning and groaning of seventh graders.  She was so motivated that she even asked for extra work to do.  All the work she did was always done well.  As a teacher we always wonder what kind of future a good student like Cindy Smith will have.
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Mr. Ron Synder, North Cohocton

Since I will post something negative that I experience in some cases I feel it is only fair to post a positive one. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure (on doctor's order) to visit the Nicholas Noyes Hospital Emergency room in Dansville. I cannot say one negative thing about this visit and experience. I had nothing but professional and urgent care. Everything was expedited and everyone was extremely pleasant with genuine concern. They took away any fear and I was actually relaxed for the 4 hour visit. Fortunately, most everything checked out and I was able to return home.
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Sue Mettler, Spice Box Manager

Sue Mettler, Spice Box Manager,  shared a conversation she  had with one of our Coffee Cart volunteers. The Coffee Cart Volunteer said a patient made a special effort to relay a positive comment. The patient said that she "loves this place". Everyone is so nice and smiling. The registration clerk was extremely nice, the employee from the department that she had to visit was very helpful and cheerful, and finally she mentioned how wonderful it was to have our Coffee Cart Volunteers wish her a great day! September 2015

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Eleanor Lennox's Testimonial

"It's hard to begin to thank all the people who have been so kind and thoughtful since my fall.  I will begin by thanking the doctors, nurses, and staff at Noyes Hospital.  I would like to send a special thanks to the staff of the ICU.  They were wonderful to me and my family while I was there...."  Eleanor goes on to give a glowing account of her time with the Noyes Hospital staff during her recovery.  To read her full testimonial, please open the PDF, to hear her experiences in her own words.

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Thank You Note from a EARS Lifeline Program Subscriber

"Dear EARS Ladies -

I want to thank you for the beautiful Birthday and Christmas cards - it is so thoughtful and kind - It gave me happiness at getting them - I am 83 now and everything means so much to me -

I feel good knowing you are there when I need you - My prayers are that you all have a good year"

- My Best to you,

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Facebook post about the Emergency Department

Lynne Thompson Button posted on her Facebook page about the Emergency Department:  I know often times Facebook is a dumping grounds for people that don't have anything nice to say and I have seen our small town hospital bashed countless time.

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