The People Who Serve You

The heart and soul of Noyes Health

At Noyes we treat patient as people first - and that commitment begins with our own people. Everyone in the organization - our board of directors, our administrators, the doctors, nurses, and entire support staff - works together for your benefit.

We want every aspect of your experience here to support your health and wellness. You'll feel the difference at Noyes, from the big things down to the little ones-because we know how important a smile, a reassuring word, or a gentle touch can be.

Our doctors

When you have health issues, you need a doctor with the best expertise for your condition-but you also need a doctor whose entire approach to treating and communicating with his or her patients is right for you.

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Our nurses

The nursing care at Noyes is fueled by the compassion and expertise of over (150) highly educated nurses-Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), Registered Nurses (RNs), and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs). We offer family-centered care, and are dedicated to making you comfortable throughout your recovery.

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Professional support

There are many other professionals, with various areas of expertise, who contribute to your care as well. Some of these are people you may meet… while others remain behind the scenes-but all of them are dedicated to your health and well being.

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Board of directors

Our organization is governed by a volunteer board of directors who represent the communities of Livingston and surrounding counties. The board members bring diverse backgrounds and talents to the organization. They set Noyes’s strategic direction and are constantly advocating for the hospital, patients, and families.

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